Everyday Wellness: Simplified

Self-care should be simple. 

My goal is to make nutrition information easily accessible, comprehensible,  and applicable to your daily life. 

Every natural food contains a distinct bundle of nutrients that serve different functions in your body. Here I compile various lists of recipes and foods, and explain exactly what benefits they provide.

Don't see an article related to a condition or topic relevant to you? Please write me an email, and I would be happy to put together some recipes to fit your needs. 

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My name is Isabel. Thank you for visiting my site!  

I live in Portland, Oregon and am a graduate of Portland Community College's Functional Nutrition program,

as well as a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. 

My goal is to inspire others to take good care of themselves. 

Whether you are healing illness or practicing preventative care, you deserve to feel and live well. 

If you thrive with social support and accountability, let's connect! 

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Food Medicine Philosophy

In 2015, while work-trading on vegetable farms, I was introduced to the concept of food-as-medicine;

the idea that the earth hosts a natural pharmacy at our disposal.

In this era of bountiful information, deciding what to eat can be overwhelming. My goal here is to boil down the facts, removing the overwhelm and providing the simplest guidelines for a mindful, intentional diet. 

Friendly disclaimer: Food is magical but it can't heal everything. I am not suggesting that you replace any treatment or medication with functional foods. I am happy to help with suggestions, guidance, planning, structure, and support, but I can't diagnose any conditions or prescribe any treatments. If you have a chronic or serious illness, absolutely consult a physician! 



Want to: 

- Ask questions? 

- Learn more about a certain topic? 

- Explore one-on-one counseling options? 

You are more than welcome to reach out to me here with any questions or requests. 

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